Make Holiday Memories in Your Custom Kitchen

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The holidays are upon us. Most families are busy baking cookies, wrapping presents, and decorating their homes. So much holiday time is spent in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home where we make so many of us our best memories both during the holidays and the rest of the year. The client families Eastmark works with spend time carefully planning out what they want for their dream kitchens for this reason. 

The Heart and Hearth of the Home

Why are so many of our memories made in the kitchen? The kitchen is in many ways the heart of the home. It’s a gathering place for families. Since the kitchen is where food is stored and made, you can find even the most reclusive family members there from time to time as they raid the fridge. For the more social of us, it’s where we can talk, play board games, do homework, cook dinner, and eat together.

It’s also a good space for doing projects. These can range from putting together puzzles to baking pies to building a diorama for a class project. If you have enough time and counterspace, the sky’s the limit for your ambitions. This time of year people love to build gingerbread houses, but the counter is a spot for homemade strawberry jam to cool in June and where children put together Thanksgiving table decorations. 

The kitchen is the perfect place to teach children how to cook and pass along the recipes your family has enjoyed for generations. 

Eastmark Construction custom kitchen

The Custom Kitchen That’s Best for Your Family

When people begin designing their dream homes, they take their time planning their kitchens because they want to create a space that they will use and truly enjoy. The custom kitchen that is best for your family depends on what kind of environment you thrive in. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when designing yours:  

Open vs. Closed Kitchen 

If you want your family traffic to flow freely from the kitchen to other living spaces, then an open kitchen floor plan is best. Open floor plans are great for families with small or active children. If you intend to host larger, informal gatherings of people, closing off your kitchen will bottleneck your parties. On the other hand, if you would prefer your guests not see the work and mess of dinner prep or if your kitchen space is primarily your domain, a closed kitchen plan will work better for you.

Incorporating a Kitchen Island 

Adding a kitchen island to a large kitchen space is a great option for people who like the idea of entertaining guests while they cook or pour drinks. It makes it possible for the host to chat with guests and get work done. It’s also wonderful for busy parents. Kitchen islands add more counter space, so they work well for anyone who needs additional room for cooking, baking, or canning.

Cupboard Choice

There are so many types of cupboards, and custom cabinetry is always an option for your custom kitchen, of course. Before you select your cupboards, however, take the time to imagine how you will use them everyday. You may want your dishes visible if you collect china. However, if you have small kids and lots of plastic cups and bowls, you may want these hidden away. Do you need a spice rack? Where could it be best placed to reach it easily when you’re cooking? What height will you install your cabinets so you or your kids can reach what you need? Where should your pantry go? It can be tempting to focus on the aesthetics of your dream kitchen, but when you’re using it every day, you will thank yourself for thinking thoughtfully about its functionality first.

Eastmark Construction builds homes to meet the everyday needs of our client families as well as accommodating their desire for hospitality. During the holiday season the two intersect. If you love holiday time in your kitchen now, you’ll enjoy it even more when your kitchen is designed to make working and socializing even easier. Contact Eastmark Construction today to begin the process of designing your dream home here in beautiful Northern Michigan.

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