The Draw of Open Floor Plans and Great Rooms

open floor plans

When people design a new home, they think carefully about how they will use the space. Older homes were often built with a number of smaller rooms, each with a unique function, but many people today prefer an open floor plan for their home. There are a variety of advantages to open floor plans, especially in larger homes with more square footage.  

The Advantages of Open Floor Plans

Keeping the wall space to a minimum can be beneficial in many ways. It can be easier for adults to keep their eyes on busy kids while doing tasks like cooking, cleaning, or other household tasks. They can socialize with family members and still get things done or run to get a snack without interrupting play time or a movie night. 

If you have guests over, an open floor plan is inclusive – the host or hostess isn’t shut away from guests in the kitchen fixing food or drinks because it’s all one space.

the kitchen inside of a large wooden themed mansion

Designing rooms with fewer walls also creates a light, open space with more access to outside views and sunlight. Natural light is both calming and revitalizing. 

a large kitchen table inside of a beautiful glen lake mansion

The Great Room 

One very popular type of open space is the great room. In a custom home, a great room can be designed to be aesthetically stunning as well as versatile and functional. A great room is more than a living room – it brings together kitchen, dining room, and living room space to create something more. This is the primary gathering space for both family and guests, and it makes a statement. 

Glen Lake Great Room

At Eastmark we have created awe inspiring spaces using vaulted ceilings, fireplace settings, wood floors, and glass walls to dramatic effect without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. 

open floor plans

When you are invited into a great room, the heart of the home that is designed to match the family’s needs, one that has a lovely view of the outdoors, gleaming wood floors, the warmth of a fireplace for colder days, cozy seating, and a stunning kitchen and dining area, you can see why this is called a “great room.” It makes you feel at home in all kinds of wonderful ways.

a nice kitchen and family room inside a beautiful lake front house

Have you been thinking about building a custom home? Maybe you have design ideas for your kitchen or sketches of what you’d like your great room to look like. Call us at Eastmark Construction. We would love to have a discussion with you about your plans and how we can make them happen in beautiful Northern Michigan. 

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