The Ceiling’s the Limit: Ceiling Detail Possibilities

the kitchen inside of a large wooden themed mansion

One of the true pleasures of designing a custom home is choosing aesthetic details that will bring satisfaction and joy to both the owners and their guests when they use it. There are many design elements that can be incorporated throughout a house to stunning effect, but perhaps none is so effective as ceiling detail. There are so many possibilities beyond the standard flat ceiling. 

Ceiling Detail Possibilities

A beautiful ceiling not only impresses, it elevates the mood of the room and the people within it. Let’s go through some of the examples of ceiling detailing we have created for our client families. 

a large family room inside of a beautiful glen lake mansion

Exposed Beams 

Like any custom wood element, a ceiling with exposed beams adds texture and interest – even history, with reclaimed wood – to a room. The wood can either be varnished or painted, depending on whether the style of decor is rustic or elegant. 

a large kitchen inside of a beautiful glen lake mansion

High Ceiling 

A standard ceiling height is 8 feet, and many people choose to add a foot or two of height to elevate the ceiling. This creates a sense of greater space and grandeur in a room, whether that’s a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, or even a bathroom. A smaller room with a higher ceiling will seem larger than it is as the eye moves up from the floor. 

ceiling detail

Vaulted Ceiling  

A vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting arch above walls and under a roof. It usually has two sloping sides that meet at a high center point and doesn’t necessarily follow the pitch of the roof. The effect of a vaulted ceiling is a feeling of spaciousness and grandeur, and this type of ceiling detail is often added to open kitchen-living-dining areas or great rooms. Many families choose to add exposed beams to vaulted ceilings to add more rustic charm. 

cathedral ceiling detail

Cathedral Ceiling

A cathedral ceiling looks similar to a vaulted ceiling with two angled sides rising up to a ridge and is utilized in the same way. The difference is that a cathedral ceiling follows the pitch of the roof. 

inside the living room of a large mansion

Coffered Ceiling 

A coffered ceiling has a grid pattern made from wood beams which can be stained, painted, or unfinished. It is often complemented by wood molding. This type of ceiling is often added to a living room, a master bedroom, or even a home office for a more stately look. 

sun lit bedroom inside of a beautiful modern mansion

Wood Ceiling 

The above ceiling is both a wood ceiling and a coffered ceiling. The wood adds a warm, personal touch to this bedroom. A painted wood ceiling offers a different effect: 

painted ceiling detail



inside the kitchen of a gorgeous mansion home


Adding a skylight to your ceiling can transform a smaller, dim room into a bright space with a picturesque view. Any room is made better by the addition of more light and more sunshine. Adding windows and sliding glass doors is one way to accomplish this, and incorporating skylights is another. 

The Perfect Ceiling for Your Custom Home

The above examples of ceiling detail are just a sample of the work that we have done, but they give you an idea of the possible. When done right, ceiling detailing expands and improves a room in a way that is difficult to explain or measure. Are you ready to begin the process of building your custom home in beautiful Northern Michigan? Call Eastmark Construction today to take the first step. 




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