Custom Cabinetry Makes a Home Stylish and Original

custom cabinetry

Does your dream home feature custom cabinetry? Whose doesn’t? So many of our clients include custom cabinetry and built-in features on their wish lists. This is because unique built-in carpentry is both functional and fabulous. Cabinets help organize a home and create spaces that encourage creativity and productivity, all while being stylish and cool. Let’s talk about the ways that custom cabinetry enhances a home and increases its value to its owners.

Custom Cabinetry Adds Beauty

The most obvious way that custom cabinets and built-ins add value is aesthetic. Woodwork naturally attracts people’s attention.  People enjoy looking at well made wood products and furniture because they can see the effort and skill that went into their creation. Custom-made products are more cherished because they are art made specifically for your home. They display what is most important to you: from your glassware to your curios to your books. They make what you love into a visual feature for you and everyone in your home to enjoy.

  • Kitchen cabinets are the highlight of any kitchen. Custom cabinets allow you to hide practical equipment behind beautiful woodwork while displaying your china and objets d’art behind glass.
  • Bookcases show off any kind of collection you have in a way that can be easily organized, arranged, and rearranged.
  • Window seats invite passersby to take in a beautiful view in comfort.
  • Entertainment centers make watching television or movies more of an audience experience.

Custom millwork blends into the architecture of your home, tying its features together and enhancing its overall look. The consistent use of wood, from ceiling beams to stair rails to mantelpieces, gives a home a seamless flow and assists visually in the transition from room to room.

Custom Built-ins Add Functionality

Many of our families have added custom built-in features to help with their day-to-day goals and everyday living. Mudrooms with individualized cubbies let them organize what they need and grab it on the way out the door. They also add storage and keep muddy shoes or wet towels out of the more formal areas of the house. Adding a study nook to a kitchen or other family area of the house can help busy parents make sure their kids get their schoolwork done every day.

Custom built-ins add storage, whether that’s closet storage or under-the-bed storage. Who doesn’t dream of being able to better organize their clothing and shoes so they are more visible and accessible? Built-ins can also hide unsightly elements or allow for easy storage of bulky or odd shaped items.

Several of our families have designed bedroom built-ins as an invitation to family members to visit more or bring their friends and children along. Built-in beds can take a beating and create a playful and festive atmosphere for kids.

Eastmark Construction’s master finish carpenter is Mark Andres. Many of our clients mention his work when they’re asked to name things they love about their new dream homes. Our Garrison and other Glen Arbor homes prominently feature his beautiful custom cabinetry and other built-in features. Eastmark is very proud of the work we do on the homes we build. Please take a moment to look through some examples of Mark’s custom cabinetry while you’re in the process of making your design wish lists. You may see something you’d like to add to your own dream home!


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