Enjoy Your Holidays in a Home Built for Hospitality

If there’s anything we can all agree on this year, it’s that 2020 has been uniquely challenging. Between the COVID-19 lockdowns and enforced social distancing, as people we need to celebrate and enjoy time with our friends and family now more than ever. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to relax and be with the people who make our lives worth living. Eastmark Construction makes that possible for our client families. Our homes are built for hospitality. 

Time for Rest and Relaxation

We build custom homes in beautiful Northern Michigan.These homes include amenities that allow our client families to enjoy a whole array of activities with their extended family members and friends who visit from all over the United States. They are designed with entertaining in mind, allowing for gracious hospitality all year round. 

A Home Built for Hospitality

Summer in Northern Michigan is a beautiful season with so much to do, but fall and winter have their own pleasures too: color tours, harvest festivals, hunting, skiing, ice fishing, and celebrating the Christmas season and other holiday traditions. Some people look forward to their time in Michigan as their favorite part of every year! Whether during summer or winter or anything in between, an Eastmark custom home will provide the greatest of comforts and room for all of your guests to spread out and rejuvenate Michigan style. 

Here is a tour of some of the features of our homes that allow for easy and gracious entertaining in small groups or large gatherings. 

built for hospitality

Some of our client families have building sites and zoning that allows for building separate guest accommodations or lodging. This home has a fully furnished guest apartment above the garage.

built for hospitality

The guest apartment is on the left as you face the front door, adjacent to the main home but with all the comforts and privacy of a luxury hotel suite.

built for hospitality

Glen Lake, another lakeside home we built, has guest quarters above the garage. This space is particularly nice to accommodate family and friends with its kid-friendly bunk room. Smaller guests have their own bathroom on the same hallway which is adjacent to the adult sleeping wing.

built for hospitality

Look at all the space for stretching out and resting!  As this room is in a separate wing of the home, it has some privacy and allows for separating groups for different activities. Kids can be in their space and have quiet at bedtime while the adults visit downstairs.

built for hospitality

On the practical side, with all those beds full of people, it’s convenient to have a second floor laundry with double machines to make quick work of the job.

built for hospitality

Our client families appreciate a well-appointed but open space for their kitchen and living areas so that they can practice hospitality without having to be separated from the activities.  This kitchen has a good layout to allow several people to help while others can socialize at the island.

built for hospitality

Eastmark built a wet bar at the opposite side of the living room for easy access and workflow that does not interfere with activity going on in the kitchen.

built for hospitality

Finally, this particular home provides a very stylish guest room experience with blue tones that match the water of Big Glen Lake. You can imagine the leaves you can see through the window changing color on the hills south of Big Glen, right? This area is breathtakingly gorgeous in the autumn.

While these pictures were taken during the summertime, it’s easy to picture how cozy these spaces are in the fall and winter when families gather to enjoy their holiday dinners -, cooking, baking, eating, and relaxing together. There’s plenty of room in the living and dining spaces for guests to play games, watch football, or go outside to throw the ball around in the yard. 

The ceilings are high enough to accommodate tall Christmas trees with plenty of space for presents underneath. Everything that a family would need to host their family and friends in style and comfort is built into the home because that is its purpose. 

If you are dreaming of a home built for hospitality for your loved ones to gather in during important times of the year, now is the time to begin planning. Contact Eastmark Construction to start the process of building your dream home in Northern Michigan.  


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