Our Process

Careful Planning

The Careful Planning stage of our process is the time period during which you decide and specify how you want your dream house to look inside and out. As you might imagine, there are many details, both large and small. We at Eastmark will walk through this decision making process with you so that it does not become overwhelming. This is an exciting time.

To begin with, you will make up your wants and needs lists. You will have to determine your priorities for the house you will build based on the budget you have. You will also need to decide what the timeline will be. When do you want to begin building? We will discuss the build with your architect and engineer and go over with you the complexities of the build and give you a tentative end date for completion of your Northern Michigan home.

We will guide you to interior design resources so you can choose the products and materials you would like for your house. We will collaborate with you to develop an overall design for your home that complements the setting and works beautifully and thematically as a whole.

Once you’ve finalized your home design, we will work with you on pricing to remove the element of mystery from the cost of home building. We’ll break down the costs of various projects so that everything is transparent and easy to understand.

Finally, to ensure that the build itself goes as smoothly as possible, we will help establish working relationships between the homeowner and the experienced contractors and craftsmen who will be building the home. We will establish a firm date to begin construction and give you a schedule for the build and an end date for completion.

When this step of the process is complete, you will have a much better idea of what your dream house will look like in its details and when it will be ready for you to move in.

Ready to get started?

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