In-floor Heating: Comfort All Year in Your Custom Home

April 17, 2021
in-floor heating

One of the benefits of a custom home is that you can design it to be exactly what your family needs it to be, not only aesthetically, but also practically. Many of our client families choose to add luxuries like in-floor heating in order to make their favorite spaces comfortable all year round. What are […]


Triple Pane Windows for Your Dream Home: Beauty and Comfort

April 12, 2021
triple pane windows

Homeowners have embraced the trend of allowing as much daylight into their homes through walls of windows of doors for a reason. Natural light is both healing and uplifting to the soul. A large bay window or set of patio doors provides a frame for a beautiful landscape that is always changing and catching the […]


Make Holiday Memories in Your Custom Kitchen

December 12, 2020
custom kitchen

The holidays are upon us. Most families are busy baking cookies, wrapping presents, and decorating their homes. So much holiday time is spent in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home where we make so many of us our best memories both during the holidays and the rest of the year. The client families […]


Enjoy Your Holidays in a Home Built for Hospitality

September 30, 2020

If there’s anything we can all agree on this year, it’s that 2020 has been uniquely challenging. Between the COVID-19 lockdowns and enforced social distancing, as people we need to celebrate and enjoy time with our friends and family now more than ever. The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to relax and be with […]


Summertime and Outdoor Living in Northern Michigan

July 31, 2020
outdoor living

Northern Michigan is exceptionally lovely in the summertime with its long, warm, sunny days, and many gorgeous beaches and vistas. In order to be able to enjoy everything their property has to offer, many of our client families have focused on extending their living spaces outdoors. In this blog we will highlight some of the […]


Will Your Dream Home Have a Home Office?

May 15, 2020
home office

For all of us at Eastmark Construction, part of the joy of building a custom home with you is the collaborative process. Discovering what you really want and need your dream home to be for your family is the first step in creating a home for you that is both beautiful and useful. Different rooms […]


Which Custom Features Do You Want in Your Dream Home?

March 21, 2020
custom features

One extremely rewarding aspect of building a dream home with our client families is seeing the unique elements and custom features that were once in the imaginations of our clients become reality in the home. In our experience, this type of collaborative project will often produce something that is better than any of us initially […]


Why Build a Log Cabin Home?

December 19, 2019
log cabin home

Have you considered building a log cabin as your dream home? A log cabin home looks perfect in a Northern Michigan setting. During the winter, nothing is as snug and cozy covered in snow. The early American settlers knew this, and that’s why so many of them built log cabins to keep their families safe […]


Maintenance: Keeping Your Dream Home in Dream Shape

September 19, 2019

When Eastmark Construction completes a project, one of our goals as a builder is to maintain a relationship with our client families. One way that we do this is through future building whenever there is a need or desire to further improve the home. Another is to continue providing maintenance for the home. We built […]


Incorporating Reclaimed Materials in Your Dream Home

June 13, 2019
reclaimed materials

One of the trends Eastmark Construction has seen in home building recently is the use of reclaimed materials for interior finishes. There is an authentic charm to old salvaged materials that make them ideal centerpieces for the rooms in people’s dream homes. Reclaimed materials can be more challenging to incorporate into a home, but we […]

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