Indoor/Outdoor Living in Your Custom Home

indoor/outdoor living

The wonderful thing about designing and building a custom home is that you can envision how you will use it for living and entertaining and incorporate exactly the right amenities for creating your perfect space. You may already have ideas for your dream kitchen or a home office, but what about indoor/outdoor living? During the spring, summer, and fall months, Michigan is a beautiful place to experience the outdoors. Making natural elements a part of your environment adds both enjoyment and serenity to your living experience. 

How do you bring the outdoors indoors or better take advantage of our beautiful Michigan vistas? Here are some ideas our client families have used to make their homes perfect for their needs. 

Make Nature Part of Your Home Decor

Energy efficient windows and sliding glass doors can be frames for all of the beauty around your home. Maximizing outdoor views will lower your blood pressure, and the right door choice makes accessing bright sunshine and warm breezes simple. 

Sunrooms are an excellent way to bring more light into your life. Your plants will love them too. You may not want or need a formal garden conservatory, but a sunroom offers the feel of an outdoor space with all of the comfort of an indoor one. In the middle of winter you can feel the sun on your face and be warm and cozy at the same time. For many people a sunroom offers a quiet retreat from the louder, more commonly used rooms like the kitchen and the living room. 

Outdoor Living Areas

An outdoor living area can be whatever you want to make it. There are many different outdoor amenities you can include, like patios, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. Outdoor pavilions create indoor/outdoor living spaces where your family and guests can enjoy outdoor dining, watching television, or a fire. They also provide shade on warm days when you still want to feel fresh air on your face while you dine or relax with a book.  

The pavilion space can flow into a more traditional tiled or brick patio which can feature seating, a grill, a fire pit, or a fountain or pool. Your landscaping can include multiple or even separate outdoor areas, making it a truly welcoming place for visitors. 

If you enjoy cooking or eating outdoors, you can sync your indoor kitchen with an outdoor one. You may want to consider adding a built-in grill with counter space or go further and design a full outdoor kitchen with a sink, prep space, bar, cabinets, and countertops for eating or drinking. Many families will add folding windows so that food cooked indoors can be easily transported to a covered or pavilion space. 

Adding decks or a series of deck spaces with chairs or built-in seating can create a casual but inviting space flowing into a yard with grass, sand, or a lawn designed for games or sports. 

The important thing about designing your space is that it feels comfortable to you and your guests. Your family may entertain business guests or a rowdier crowd. You may be building your home with your children or grandchildren in mind. Your indoor/outdoor living spaces should be built with the people your care about in mind. 

At Eastmark Construction we work with our client families to understand what they need from their homes, both indoors and outdoors. We want to make sure that the time you spend in your home is comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable. A sunroom, a pavilion, or deck provides more possibilities for your best living experience. 

If you’re ready to begin the planning process of building a custom home in Northern Michigan, we would be happy to talk to you about how we can work with you to meet your goals and needs. Contact us today. 


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