In-floor Heating: Comfort All Year in Your Custom Home

in-floor heating

One of the benefits of a custom home is that you can design it to be exactly what your family needs it to be, not only aesthetically, but also practically. Many of our client families choose to add luxuries like in-floor heating in order to make their favorite spaces comfortable all year round. What are the benefits of in-floor heating?

Benefits of In-Floor Heating Systems

In-floor heating systems are also known as radiant heating systems. Unlike heat that is pushed from a furnace, the heat from an in-floor system radiates upward steadily. This system is a popular choice right now for a number of reasons beyond just cozy toes. It’s reliable, simple to install, and works with any number of flooring options which allows for a great deal of design flexibility. 

in-floor heating

Heat Where You Need It

Radiant heating allows homeowners to “zone” different areas of their houses, controlling the temperature from room to room or zone to zone. This increases energy efficiency if, like most families, you tend to spend your time in a few favorite or communal rooms. If you want one area to be extra warm on a cold day, you can just adjust the thermostat to apply more heat there and save your furnace from heating the entire house at a higher temperature. It also eliminates any cold spots in the house in harder-to-heat areas. 

Air quality is also better in a house with radiant heating. Because the air is not forced through dusty heating ducts, dust and allergens are not stirred up or introduced to rooms through furnace action. For the same reason, this type of heating is also much quieter than a forced-air furnace. 

In-floor heating is simple to run. Once it’s installed, it requires almost no maintenance. It can be controlled with either a smart thermostat or with a programmable thermostat that will allow you to boost the heat when you need it the most and adjust it when the house is quiet or empty.

People might think that in-floor heating works only with a few flooring choices, but the opposite is true. You can install radiant heating under a wide variety of floor coverings, including stone, wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, and ceramic tile. This offers homeowners the opportunity to design their homes exactly as they like, making the most of floor and wall space without registers or radiators to work around. 

Is Radiant Heating for You?

If you’re designing your dream home and you would like a heating system that is effortless to run, safe, and invisible, one that provides comfortable, consistent heat in any area you wish, in-floor heating is the best choice. It provides consistent, and efficient warmth exactly where you want it whenever you need it, and it never overheats. Consider adding in-floor heating to your dream home checklist along with your other favorite amenities and custom features


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