Triple Pane Windows for Your Dream Home: Beauty and Comfort

triple pane windows

Homeowners have embraced the trend of allowing as much daylight into their homes through walls of windows of doors for a reason. Natural light is both healing and uplifting to the soul. A large bay window or set of patio doors provides a frame for a beautiful landscape that is always changing and catching the eye. The wonderful thing about contemporary homebuilding is that you can enjoy this beauty and not have to sacrifice your comfort if you incorporate energy-efficient choices like triple pane windows.

triple pane windows

Energy-efficient Windows

When people talk about window choice or window replacement, they often bring up energy efficiency. This is because of rising energy costs. People also want to have a lesser impact on the environment. Triple pane windows are significantly more energy efficient than double pane windows because they increase the amount of insulating space in each pane, which stops energy loss. They have only a 3% energy loss, keeping 97% of the heating or cooling in your home. 

Triple Pane Windows Keep You Comfortable and Safe

Because they are better insulated, triple pane windows make it easier to maintain an ambient temperature and stay comfortable both in the winter and the summer. With its warm summers and color-soaked autumn days, Northern Michigan is gorgeous year round, but it does get cold in the winter. If you plan to use your dream home to host guests during the holidays or take advantage of winter sports, you will be able to enjoy looking out at the crisp, bright snow and still feel warm and comfy in your stocking feet. 

Adding more access to light and nature in your dream home is an investment in your emotional well-being and the well-being of your family. Windows are also architectural features that add beauty and interest. A bay window is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon reading or even napping. Patio doors allow the indoors and the outdoors to mingle on warm days and open space up for entertaining. Transom windows add a lovely focal point to any room. 

triple pane windows

Quality windows have other important features as well. They reduce condensation which keeps the air in your home humid when the furnace is on in winter. They also reduce drafts and noise. If privacy is a concern, triple pane windows work well to dampen the noise from outside or elsewhere on the property so you can focus on your work in your home office or relax anywhere in your home.

Triple pane windows are difficult to break. The glass is much more resistant to damage. This adds another layer of safety to your home. You can rest easy knowing that your home is more secure.

It’s the smaller details and luxuries like high quality windows and doors that make a house into a dream home. If you are considering building a home in Northern Michigan, Eastmark Construction wants to help you with your process. This begins with your wish list and ends when you move into your beautiful home and use it to its full potential. Call us today to begin that process. 


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