Which Custom Features Do You Want in Your Dream Home?

custom features

One extremely rewarding aspect of building a dream home with our client families is seeing the unique elements and custom features that were once in the imaginations of our clients become reality in the home. In our experience, this type of collaborative project will often produce something that is better than any of us initially expected because the home we build is unique and special as the result of our work together. 

Eastmark’s Collaborative Process

The most important part of a custom home build is the time and effort it takes to make it your family home. Eastmark wants to create an impeccably crafted home that will reflect your personality and lifestyle while being comfortable enough for your entire family to enjoy.

Our clients and their teams of architects and interior designers come to us with a variety of ideas that affect all aspects of the home. They share these ideas with us, and we listen. We want to hear all of your ideas and the reasons why you want to add or incorporate all the special touches and custom features into the many areas of your dream home. 

The design aesthetic you bring to the project is pivotal. Some of our families have done a great deal of research and have clear cut ideas about what they want for their home before they meet with us. They have collected ideas about what they want from working with designers or from their travels around the country and the world. They know what they want them to look like in the finished home. 

Dream Home Custom Features 

When the time comes to incorporate those custom features, it’s very exciting! We love the process as we source and install these elements to achieve the perfect look. 

In the above picture is a beautifully unique floor finish we are installing that incorporates both stone and wood. We worked with a California designer to produce this look, with its sleek dark stone set against rustic reclaimed wood.

And here is a floor we created entirely out of reclaimed wood in a room with white-washed wood walls and gorgeous multi-paned windows that showcase a stunning natural view: 

custom features

And the reverse – reclaimed wood ceilings and white-washed floors: 

custom features

This home has a unique Old World style. We are nearly finished building it, and the owners will soon enjoy the wonderful Michigan summer in their new home. 

Not every client comes to us with folders full of ideas. Others do not know exactly what they want and make decisions as they go through the home building process. You may not know which finish choices to select for your home, but we can help you with ideas. We have found that what works for the building site or the home itself will evolve during the collaborative process. 

With the guidance of a designer, we can incorporate varied elements and custom features that will all come together in a beautiful whole for you and will be a part of you as well because you were a part of the building process. This is the wonder of building a custom home. 

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