Why Build a Log Cabin Home?

log cabin home

Have you considered building a log cabin as your dream home? A log cabin home looks perfect in a Northern Michigan setting. During the winter, nothing is as snug and cozy covered in snow. The early American settlers knew this, and that’s why so many of them built log cabins to keep their families safe and warm. There are so many great reasons to build a variation of this classic American home, but here are some of the best ones: 

Built to Last

A properly maintained log home lasts for generations because of the way it’s constructed and the natural resilience of the cedar and other materials used to make it. In fact, it’s easier to see and address evidence of deterioration in a wood home than in one that’s more traditionally built because the building materials are not covered in drywall or siding. If you are looking to build a legacy home to pass down to your children and grandchildren, a log cabin home is an excellent choice. 

Beautifully Suited to Many Landscapes

Because wood is a natural material and logs are found wherever trees are, log homes complement a wide variety of natural surroundings, including the woods, a riverfront or lakefront, and resort properties. Other natural materials like stone or slate can be featured to make the home even more harmonious with the natural landscape. If you want a home that looks like it belongs in a painting, a log home is perfect.

Superior Craftsmanship

All of Eastmark’s homes have beautiful craftsmanship, and many of them incorporate interesting woodwork or reclaimed materials that add unique appeal. A log home, however, has much more carpentry than trim and millwork. From balustrades and railings to mantelpieces, sink stands, stair steps, and exposed timbers under tall, cathedral ceilings, woodcraft is everywhere you want it to be in a log home. Natural wood is so pleasing to the eye and creates a calming atmosphere. Your guests won’t know what to admire first and they won’t want to leave. 

Old-fashioned AND 21st Century

Just because a log home features a rustic look doesn’t mean your dream home must be rustic. A log home, combined with high tech features and the right construction materials, can be as comfortable, convenient, and secure as any other type of home. We can add any communication technology, security system, or appliance to a log home just as we would a traditional build.

Some people have concerns that log cabin homes may not be as energy efficient as newer architectural styles. Today’s log homes are built with modern techniques allowing for more insulation than traditionally built log structures. Standard framing is sandwiched between split logs that allows for insulation and mechanical runs and significantly increases energy efficiency.  Energy efficiency is great for lowering energy bills, but it also means that the home is more comfortable in the winter and the summer because the hot or cold air stays where it should – inside. 

Log homes are more challenging to build than conventional homes and require the experience of specialized craftsmen. Because the materials used in log and timber homes are unique in nature, the planning required is more extensive. Often log homes incorporate a wide variety of other materials into their construction, including stone, wood roofs, timber trusses, hewn trims, and even stucco. These homes are usually more intense from a carpentry standpoint, and the amount of wood involved requires forethought about settlement and seasonal fluctuations in moisture and climate. Ongoing maintenance is also essential to keeping these homes beautiful and in great shape. 

If you’re up for the challenges of building and maintaining a log home, the rewards are great. The wonderful thing about log-home architecture is that it never goes out of style. Eastmark Construction has extensive experience building log and timber frame homes. Browse our gallery of homes to see the gorgeous houses that we have built for our clients to get ideas for what you would like to see included in your log cabin home. If you’re ready to begin the process of designing and building your own log home, contact us today. We would love to hear your ideas and discuss how we can make them a reality for you and your family.


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