Maintenance: Keeping Your Dream Home in Dream Shape


When Eastmark Construction completes a project, one of our goals as a builder is to maintain a relationship with our client families. One way that we do this is through future building whenever there is a need or desire to further improve the home. Another is to continue providing maintenance for the home. We built that dream home, and we want to help keep it in dream shape so that it maintains its beauty and legacy status and our clients remain happy and satisfied.

Eastmark does not build average homes. We build extraordinary homes. Those homes include many amenities that work to increase comfort and luxury in both the indoor and outdoor living space. In order to keep the building structure and the amenities in tip top condition, routine maintenance must be done and done on schedule. The following are systems or areas in a luxury home that would need regular oversight: 

HVAC – It’s typical for our homes to have HVAC systems that consist of multiple furnaces, air conditioning units, and boilers in order to fully heat and cool in a way that maintains continuous comfort within the home. All of these should be serviced every year in the spring prior to summer use. 

Plumbing – Certain aspects of plumbing need regular care. For instance, the hot water recirculation pump should be unplugged when not in use, and outside all hoses should be disconnected from the exterior hose bibs in the winter. 

Septic System – Septic tanks should be pumped every 5 years or as needed depending on use. We recommend completing this in the spring or fall. 

Irrigation – The irrigation system needs attention in the spring and the fall because of the break in use during the winter. Sprinkler heads should be adjusted and parts inspected and repaired as needed. 

Generator servicing – Many of our homes have backup generators to ensure against a total power loss. These should be serviced annually in the spring. 

Security System – Security systems require periodic maintenance. Also the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were installed and are monitored by a security company, and they should be inspected and cleaned per their recommendations. 

There are also many aspects to maintaining the beauty of a luxury home inside and out.


Staining and painting – Re-staining of the siding and painting of the trim will be required on 3-5 year intervals depending on sun exposure. 

Insect spraying – Spraying should be done annually in the spring to keep bugs, webs, and debris off the siding and moldings. 

House washing – We recommend annual power washing of the home and decks to keep things looking at their best. This should be done before spraying for insects. 

Deck maintenance – Wood decking should be washed and sealed annually. 

Landscaping – In Northern Michigan deer will damage landscaping elements such as arborvitaes if the proper actions are not taken to protect them. Deer repellent or fencing should be put into place in the fall after perennials are cut back and then maintained throughout the winter. 

Natural stone patios and walks – These should be re-sealed annually in the fall to protect against moisture and freezing effects. 

Hot tub maintenance – If there is a hot tub or a pool on site, they will have to be opened in the spring and winterized in the fall as well as serviced during the summer based on usage. We recommend servicing them at least once per week during peak use and 1 to 2 times per month when not in use. 


Interior woodwork maintenanceDoors, windows, built-in shelving, and other woodwork may need care periodically due to seasonal movement within the wood structure and use. We recommend an annual paint and caulk touch up on the interior along with door and cabinetry adjustments. 

Window cleaning – Window screens should be removed, cleaned as necessary, and stored for the winters. The windows should be cleaned in the spring as needed. 

If the above list seems daunting, that is a good reason to leave it to the professionals. Our team and subcontractors work together to take care of all the details necessary to keep a home looking and functioning impressively. This allows our clients to enjoy their lives without the worry or hassle. We have the knowledge and relationships to really care for their home and keep it well-maintained to ensure the integrity of all the systems and amenities for many years. 

The value in good maintenance, beyond the enjoyment of every aspect of the home, is that it helps these properties to hold and appreciate in value. These homes are significant investments for our clients, so allowing damage from the elements or use to take hold and cause further decay is not advised. 

If you would like help in caring for your dream home throughout the year, please contact Eastmark Construction with questions or to schedule any routine maintenance. We would be happy to discuss with you a plan for keeping your home in perfect shape so you can fully enjoy it now and for many years to come. 


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