Under Construction: Winter Hasn’t Slowed Us Down

under construction

We are in the heart of winter now, and Northern Michigan is under a blanket of snow. Storms crop up every so often and make life more challenging, but Eastmark Construction is still at work. Winter hasn’t slowed us down. Here are some pictures of our work. These are the homes we have under construction currently.

As you can see, we are framing one of our projects, establishing the foundations of this home carefully within its gorgeous setting so it will fit in and complement the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Our other project is much further towards completion. The sturdy roof we are putting on this beautiful home will see it through many more snows and winters.

With the weather being what it is right now, it’s a good time to give a reminder about HVAC equipment. It’s important for homeowners to have their HVAC equipment serviced regularly so that it will operate well when they need it the most, whether that’s the furnace in February or the air conditioner in August.

Many of our clients also install standby generators in case the electricity is knocked out by storms or fails for any other reason. They will add generators to segments or sectors of the house so that appliances like refrigerators can continue to run, areas of the house will remain comfortable with lights and heat, and the garage doors will still open and close. It’s not practical to run an entire house on gasoline run generators, but adding one or two standby generators that run smoothly and quietly on natural gas or propane is a very forward thinking measure and simple to do during the construction process.

If you are thinking of building your dream home in Northern Michigan, these are things to consider. The winters here are gorgeous, and there are many winter sports and activities to keep you busy, but you will want your home to remain cosy no matter how cold it gets or how much snow falls.


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