Great Lakes by Design Features Glen Lake Dream Home

beautiful modern mansion lit up at dawn

Great Lakes by DesignGreat Lakes by Design features Eastmark Construction’s Glen Lake “Sunset Drive” project in its most recent issue, Raising the Bar. The piece is entitled “The woven coastal cottage landscape.”  

We appreciate how well Great Lakes by Design described the way we work with our clients to craft the one-of-a-kind dream homes we build:

“Rooted in the sentiment that the custom home process has the ability to leave behind a testament of existence and a personal impression in the built environment, Eastmark Construction is a collaborative company of craftsmen and building professionals founded in 2007. Established with a goal of creating custom homes in Northern Michigan, Darooge noted he wanted to create a company steeped in customer service, had a hands-on presence on-site, and worked on meaningful and important projects for people creating a space for themselves and their family after a lifetime of hard work and toil.

“‘We are usually heavily involved from concept on through to when the homes are done and we usually maintain our relationship with our customers for years afterward,’ Darooge said. ‘We get close, personally, in some cases because of how important these homes tend to be for people. They are emotional and they are building it sometimes to be a generational place.’

“With Eastmark Construction brought in early on in the process, Darooge said the clients really put their trust in the collaborative team, leveraging his team’s experience in lakeshore construction and the architectural team’s experience designing lakeshore homes. ‘They brought to the table a lot of ideas in terms of pictures and photographs, but they placed quite a bit of the onus on our design and build team to come up with this,’ Darooge said. ‘The house itself has a very unique design. It has a center section with two wings and looks different from every aspect. It seems like two different houses almost, but there is continuity due to the detail work, the colors, and how things are put together.’”

This article also explains how architectural firms, construction companies, landscaping companies, and even audio and video integration companies like A Better Sound in Traverse City work together. We cooperate with the owners to make every aspect of the home operate seamlessly for the family’s vision, comfort, and convenience.

This issue – which contains other wonderful articles on work being done by artists and builders in the area – is available on Great Lakes by Design’s site. For more pictures of “Sunset Drive” on our site, click here.


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